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Bible 1 - Christian Foundation

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                                                                          LORMA COLLEGES                                                                               

 Carlatan, San Fernando City, La Union





            This study is a foundational course, using primarily a Bible Doctrine approach that surveys basic teachings of Christianity and their implications for life. Specifically, the course will survey the claims of the Bible and their substantiation, revelation, inspiration and the canon of Scripture. Furthermore, it presents the existence of God; antitheistic systems; the nature, attributes and names of God; the doctrine of the Trinity; the decree and works of God; the origin and nature of man, the Fall and its consequences, duty and destiny. Most especially it deals with the preexistence of Christ, the Incarnation, His earthly ministry, His exaltation and High Priesthood.


The course is in a hybrid form a three-credit course that on campus would require 5 hours of in-class work and maybe about 13 hours through online study or activities for each periodical term over an 18-week semester. Students taking the course online should plan on spending up to the same required hours a week on the course. Competencies will be listed for each class. Enrolled students taking this hybrid course should register and log in to this website


At the end of the study the students will be able:

  1. To be acquainted of the basic concepts concerning the existence of God and His nature.
  2. To distinguish that Christianity differs from other world religions in that Jesus Christ is absolutely central in the Christian faith.
  3. To prove the authenticity of God’s Word and its power to guide the life of those who live by it.
  4. To know the basic things about whom man is and what his afflictions are.
  5. To discover the various aspects of sin that would help him with questions often posed by our society today.
  6. To understand clearly how Christ has made provision for all mankind to be saved.
  7. To decide to receive Jesus Christ in their heart as their Savior and Lord.


1.      Read materials posted on the web for each lessons.

2.      Attend regularly in-campus meetings or activities.

3.      Interact by way of online chatting and email messages concerning each topics.

4.      Daily self check is in online quizzes.

5.      Take and pass online quizzes & major examinations as scheduled.

6.      Attend regularly scheduled on-campus classes.

7.      Submit on time reading or meditations.

8.      Online attendance is based on student’s login.


            The Old and New Testament

             A Handbook of the Christian Faith by John Schwarz

            The Great Doctrines of the Bible by William Evans

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