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Here is the class outline:

1. Welcome remarks!

Good day everyone!Welcome to our online site.We will be using this online site every Saturday in lieu of on-ground class.Be sure to log-in every Saturday until Monday morning (11:59) for your attendance and to be able to update yourself with Saturday class. Failure to do so will mean an absence and zero for missed activity on the said day or week. Thank you and be guided accordingly.-Dr. H. Manzano

2. Article II Section 18

Topic: Article II Section 18 Objectives: At the end of this section under Article II, the students should be able to: 1. Enumerate the different rights of laborers. 2. Follow the steps in the sample computations of wages. EVALUATION: Compute for the given sample problem about wage. To be passed on Monday, September 26,2016 during our class period.

3. Article 2 section 18

Follow the steps in computing/solving.Computations/round off will be until 2 decimal places only. Activity/files/3907292/wageSAMPLE_COMPUTATION(2).doc: Bea is a bank teller. She is receiving Php 536.80 a day. If she is required to work for 12 hrs. during a regular holiday, how much would be her total take home pay for that day? What if she is required to work for eight hours at night shift schedule during a regular day? How much would be her total take home pay?

4. summary chapters 6,7,8

Read these chapters for your referral.

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