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PolGov10:30M-S 2nd 9wks

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Here is the class outline:

1. Welcome

Good day everyone!Welcome to our online site.We will be using this online site every Saturday in lieu of on-ground class.Be sure to log-in every Saturday until Monday morning (11:59) for your attendance and to be able to update yourself with Saturday class. Failure to do so will mean an absence and zero for missed activity on the said day or week.

2. Forms of governments

Topic: Forms of governments Objectives: At the end of the chapter, the students should be able to: Cite the different kinds of governments. State a country following each kind of government. Explain fully the differences between democracy from communism. Trace the different governments of the Philippines from the ancient times to the present. Lesson Proper: See the attachment Evaluation: Be ready for a long quiz about this chapter on Monday, Nov. 7, 2016. NOTE: I have discussed almost all of the above sub-topics and I also gave you series of assignment before. If you were present during our last meeting, that is Wednesday, you are aware of these matters. So good luck, see you all on Monday! Have a nice weekend!

3. Article III sections 4 to 10

Topic: Bill of Rights At the end of the chapter, the students should be able to: 1. Define the term bill of rights. 2. Cite the purposes of bill of rights. 3. Differentiate the three classes of rights from one another. 4. Classify the constitutional rights of the accused in criminal cases. Be able to follow them in due time. 5. Explain fully the sections which are covered in this Article. Evaluation: Read the attached file about Article III sections 4 to 10 and be ready of a quiz on Monday.

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